This project came from the necessity for renewing the image of the restaurant "churrasqueira aldeia nova" (New Village Grill). The inicial request, aimed only for the renewing of the restaurant facade; the project was extended to the creation of a new trademark, covering all its corporate identity.

Creation of trademark for the company r2sys, connected to the creation of software, telecommunications, big data, etc. The trademark was created by joning together the R and 2.This project (not fully concluded yet), will also include the creation of a webpage.

This project aimed for the creation of a trademark for the company mitech, the company is dedicated to studies, development and designing mechanical systems. The project included also the creation of business cards and consulting relatively to their website.

This particular project consisted in the creation of a trademark for flintbee company. Aforementioned company aims to receive data, storage it, process and developing that information for their clients.

Press Start is a store, mostly dedicated to on-line. They sell games, accessories, collectors stuff, etc. The project was the creation of a trademark for the company, as they recently changed their name, the project is not yet implemented. It will also include the creation of print material and consulting for their website.

"RHO is a local software development company with an international vision. We love solving complex problems and working with people that know what they want: coding." This project consisted in the creation of a trademark for the company.

Several different projects developed during my intership at My work included the creation of cards developed during special events aimed for social networks, newsletters for different clients, some trademarks developed, social network campaigns and development of presentations for the company portfolio.

Planing to expand their services, CliTaipas, wanted to change their name and image. Based on the new name for the clinic "Hélder Moura - Dental Clinics", I developed a new logo soon to be implemented in different supports. The client wanted something very discreet and light only using its name. Using the two letters from the name initials the new brand mark was born.

A project being developed by me. A landing page for an exquisite Portuguese delicacy from my home town.